our philosophy: Pictures Can Tell The Story


The Story....Early Morning on the Lake

It could be a camp on a lake, or a bed and breakfast, or a hotel, or a commercial building, but often it is a home.   Each home has a history and a story and  it needs to be told and seen and felt.  This is for two reasons, first so the owner can have great images to contemplate as  fond memories, secondly, so the property is viewed as a valuable, even inspiring place, set apart from the mundane images of other places.  It's not just any place, it's a special place. It is the photographer who makes the image,  but more importantly, it is the people who make the home and memories.  When I shoot a home I try to convey that home's beauty and warmth in the images.  There are thousands of beautiful homes and they each have a story.  When I make images of these homes, or properties, it is my goal to convey the beauty and warmth of the location and inspire thoughts of the story behind it.  The camp in the picture above has a long family history and is loved by the family.  It is a place of memories and beauty. It deserves to be remembered with beautiful photos.


Photography as Communication

It's not a mansion, it is a home. A place of family. While mansions are nice, what matters is having a home.  Whether  it is  million dollar property, or something less expensive, we always deliver excellent service.


Sharing Stories

Selling and buying a home is a time of change, a time of many emotions, let us tell your story! Let us make the images for you to remember! Let us make the images for buyers to contemplate!

About Us

Here Today, Here Tomorrow!

Here Today, Here Tomorrow!

Here Today, Here Tomorrow!

We've been in this business for years, we know how to provide what you need when you need it.  We are on time and there for you!

It's in The Stars!

Here Today, Here Tomorrow!

Here Today, Here Tomorrow!

Where is the sun?   Where will it be when  your home's exterior is photographed?  We know where the sun is to the day and hour for your location. It matters!

Why Use Us?

Here Today, Here Tomorrow!

Why Use Us?

We specialize in real estate photography, it's different from other kinds of photography and requires different skills and methods.  

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